Brain research touches on our entire lives. It sheds light on phenomena such as love, empathy, ambition, consciousness, forgetfulness, friendship, addiction, appetite, enjoyment and happiness. On stages of life as childhood, puberty and old age. Ben ik dat? / Is it me? does all this. With this new edition Mark Mieras watches brain research closely. The book is updated with the most recent research and expanded with seven new chapters on: stress, creativity, meditation, sport, intuition, brain stimulation and subliminal influence. A book for anyone with brains.

(Dutch only)

On Creativity:

Get creative!
Creativity is the art of letting go. Creative minds dimm their control centers and keep their attention off-focus. Just a matter of turning the right buttons.

Doe eens creatief!
Creativiteit is de kunst van het loslaten. Creatieve geesten dimmen hun controlecentra en houden hun aandacht off-focus. Gewoon een kwestie van aan de juiste knoppen draaien.